The Proficient Pup

Lynn Webb, M.A., KPA CTP, CTMT

Hooray! You've found a better way!  Welcome to The Proficient Pup Dog Training and Massage in San Diego, CA

Do you find yourself feeling like owning a dog is more difficult than you thought it would be? And that other dogs seem problem-free, while yours is not? You are not alone and I am here to offer support. I am a certified dog trainer and canine massage therapist who is required to continue studying dogs and behavior in order to keep my credentials.

Does your dog chew on things he shouldn't?  Steal food and other items from off of the counter?  Bark at every car that goes by?  Pee in the house?  Jump on visitors and family members?  Growl at strangers?  I can help you with all of those dog behaviors you find so frustrating and that are getting in the way of all the fun you want to have with your dog.  

We often think our dogs are lazy, stubborn, or trying to be dominant.  In reality, our dogs are just confused and need help understanding what we want from them.  Some behaviors problems have a straightforward solution, while others take more time, consideration, and patience.  Training means you can enjoy your dog more and stress out less.  The Proficient Pup offers private in-home training, or classes at three facilities.

Good training is only one part of a happy, healthy dog; canine massage is another.  I offer in-home massage therapy to dogs of any age and physical condition.  Massage is beneficial for both your dog's mind and body.

Feeling motivated?  Good!  Let's get started with training and massage!

The Proficient Pup Dog Training and Massage serves the North San Diego County communities of Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Valley Center, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, and Fallbrook, as well as Temecula.